TTM Tips

December 19, 2012 2 comments

Hi, it’s AJ, It’s been a while since I last posted so I am now here to give you some helpful tips for TTM (through the mail) autographs. When sending Try not to choose a star player like Bryce Harper or Alex Rodriguez.  Choose some one like, Cory Lubke.

I.     When attempting to send a TTM (through the mail) autograph try to choose people that are less known. You have a better chance of getting their autograph.

II.     When writing your letter try to include 1-2 interesting facts about the player you are writing to, also say something like you are my hero or you are the reason I love baseball.

III.     ALWAYS include sincerely, (your name) and hand write the letter do not type it! When making your envelope hand write it do not print labels or type the address. Make sure you include an envelope on the inside for the player to send back the card and make sure you provide the stamp on the envelope inside (players will not provide there own stamps)

What do I include?

  • Envelope with player name and address (goes on outside.)
  • Envelope with your name and address (goes on inside folded up, so player can return card signed.)
  • Card of player you are sending to.
  • Your letter

How do I choose the type of card?

Try not to use glossy cards. These are bad for sending because the pen/marker will probably skip.

Here is an example letter, inside envelope, and outside envelope.

Sample Letter


Sample outside envelope

Player Envelope


Sample inside envelope

Return Envelope


I hope this helps

AJ :)

TTM Eric Young

July 27, 2012 Leave a comment

I sent a baseball card to Eric Young asking for his autograph.  He sent back the card signed.  He also he wrote “To AJ” on the card along with his signature.  One suggestion I have if your going to write him, is to put in your letter, “Sincerely” then your name.  That way he can write on the card “To” and then your name.  :)  This card is a great addition to my collection.  Thank you Mr. Young.

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TTM Matt Capps

July 17, 2012 1 comment

I sent a 2011 Matt Capps Minnesota Twins card to Matt Capps.  It took 41 days to get the card back.  Instead of him signing the 1 card he sent back my Twins card back signed with 2  Pittsburgh Pirates cards of him signed, so total I got 3 signed Matt Capps cards TTM (through the mail) I am now a bigger Matt Capps fan ;)

Welcome to my blog

July 17, 2012 3 comments

Welcome to MY AUTOGRAPH BLOG! My name is Aj I started collecting autographs when I was 9 years old which was many years days ago.  Now I am 10. My first autograph was Andy Greene, a defenseman for the NJ Devils. Since then I have collected many autographs from various sports such as baseball, football, basketball and hockey. I have also started collecting ttm (through the mail) autographs.  My favorite sport is baseball.

My friends know how much I like collecting autographs.  Some friends have even sent me autographs that they have sitting in boxes so I can add them to my collection. I hope you like my blog!  don’t forget to leave me a comment :)


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